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•Have you hit a weight plateau and can't seem to lose the stubborn 10 lbs? •Has your body changed due to a major life circumstance, keeping you holding on to extra weight? •Are you eating healthy and exercising, yet nothing seems to be working? • Have you tried everything and are still frustrated with how you feel in your body? •Are you ready to step off the scale and regain control of your life?

Step OFF the Scale, Bust Through the Weight Plateau, and find Freedom w/ Food!

• Have you neglected your health because of time, work, and family obligations, and in need of a solution to get back on track? • Are you stressed out, maxed out, and lacking time for yourself and your health?  • Have you allowed your life to take control and let your health and yourself go? • Do you toss and turn and feel exhausted because your mind cannot shut down? • Do you regularly skip meals, pound “bars,” and eat on the fly because you are simply too busy? • Are you ready to get your health on track and take back the drivers wheel in your life?? • Are you ready to sleep peacefully and let go of the stress and anxiety of day to day responsibilities?

Take Back the Driver's Wheel, Reclaim Your Life, and Get Your Health on Track!

• Are you frustrated because no matter what you do, you cannot stay off the sugar? • Are you on the hamster wheel of yo-yo diets and self-destructive choices? • Are you ready for a change of lifestyle and a new conversation? • Are you ready to find freedom and enjoyment with food and in your life?

Wave Goodbye to Suffering & Access Your Body's Inherent  Ability to Heal!

• Do you find yourself repeating patterns in your life and can’t seem to break thru?  • Do you feel as though no matter how much “work” you do, you keep hitting “blocks” that keep you from moving forward? • Are you ready to up your game in your life and move into the next stage of your personal evolution? • Are you ready to open up to a greater level of personal awareness and empowerment, and to create real change in your life? • Are you ready to enhance your day to day existence and live with peace, happiness, and true inner radiance?

Regain Your Natural Zest & Vitality, Make Real Change, & Feel Connected!  


“Nykki’s Cleanse totally changed my life.  I have more energy and I have lost 40lbs to date. Not only that it changed my readings as they are much clearer.  It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle change. With the help and support from Nykki as you progress though this, you have all the tools that you need.  I can’t wait to get back on Nykki’s Cleanse!  I hope you all get to join me soon.”  
- Lisa Williams, International Psychic Medium     

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