Nykki's recent interview with World Renowned Evidential Psychic Medium Jennifer Shaffer.  Jennifer calls Nykki's Cleanse "A GAME CHANGER."  Internationally known Lisa Williams and Michelle Eddins join to share how Nykki's Cleanse "Changed their Life."


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Weight Loss

Stress Relief


Personal Growth

You feel heavy and lethargic, and struggle with stubborn weight that won't budge.  You have tried diets and exercise and nothing works. You feel frustrated and need a plan to shift the dead weight so you can regain your energy, and reclaim your life. 

You are stressed out & exhausted without a minute to spare. Work and life have taken over and your health has suffered.  You struggle with insomnia and anxiety.  You want to feel alive again, need a plan to get back on track, and your system needs a reboot. 

You feel inflamed and puffy from processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. Your skin breaks out regularly, you have food allergies and sensitivities, and you suffer from sinus attacks. You are ready to get rid of the bloat, to give your body a deep clean, and to feel good again.    

You are in a new place in your life and ready to take it to the next level. You are tired of the excuses, and ready to let go of the added "weight." It's time for a fresh start with a new perspective, creating positive results from a place of empowerment. 

“Nykki’s Cleanse totally changed my life.  I have more energy and I have lost 40lbs to date. Not only that it changed my readings as they are much clearer.  It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle change. With the help and support from Nykki as you progress though this, you have all the tools that you need.  I can’t wait to get back on Nykki’s Cleanse!  I hope you all get to join me soon.”  
- Lisa Williams, International Psychic Medium