Master Your Metabolism: Holistic Health Education to Empower Your Best Self

DATE: Saturday, October 28th
TIME: 2:00 pm
LOCATION: Private Residence

In today’s fast paced, on the go, tech driven world there is so much misinformation about health and nutrition that it can often be confusing and overwhelming.

In this two hour event you will receive valuable nutrition education, an understanding of hidden sources of toxicity and how to reduce your exposure, and some time saving strategies for taking your health to the next level.

You will gain real tools to create empowering health for optimal performance, and to make smarter, more positive food and lifestyle choices to safeguard your health and the health of your family.

Your hosts will share natural solutions for increased energy, improved mental clarity, more restful sleep and an overall upgrade to well being. We will also share organic and therapeutic grade alternatives to common nutrition & lifestyle products so you can start making smarter choices for yourself and your family.

Healthy snacks and drinks will be served, and you will have the opportunity to get your specific health related questions answered. There will also be some fun take aways so you can sample new products right away.

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